Freehunter Lost Islands HD v1.3.5 MOD APK (Paid for free)

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Freehunter Lost Islands HD
App Name Freehunter Lost Islands HD
Genre Action
Size 8MB
Version 1.3.5
Developer Ikkyosoft Studio
Download APK (8MB)
* A third person shooter adventure for Android.
*Last known date 2068 A.D. Eden-4 the last planet from Escila system was choosen by energy corporations to despoil its resources. After being forsaken it became a savage land ruled by pirates and mercenaries.
* Play as a bounty hunter in this lost world accomplishing 16 +1 missions, full of action, on foot, driving a buggy or flying an airship.
* Explore 6 different islands. Ancient ruins and abandoned corporation facilities coexisting in a lost sci fi world located in a distant planet.
* No further payments. No in app purchases. No ads.
* HD amazing graphics
* Recommended dual core devices and up.
* Multiple configuration options.
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