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Viking Heroes War
App Name Viking Heroes War
Genre Action
Size 52MB
Latest Version 1.2.0
Developer Lab Cave Games
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The final battle of gods is about to start! Only the bravest epic warriors willing to die in combat will be chosen by Odin to fight beside him in Valhalla in the gods battle! The greatest honor for berserk warriors and a privilege for a no mercy viking... The world is harsh and ruthless are the gods! Fight 'til the end for Odin and kill every enemy so you achieve Ragnarok, the apocalypse war!

Vikings in Valhalla have been called to fight this epic warfare battle and are ready to combat! Swear by Odin's sword to defeat the enemy's horde like a viking god creating the strongest army of berserk warriors for this viking adventure. To comply with this duty you will need powerful war heroes to lead an army that will conquer and invade the world and end up successfully in Ragnarok's vikings war!

Combine strategy and action to defeat the viking gods enemy in an apocalyptic war! The combat difficulty level will increase as you play this conquest adventure: Select the suitable heroes -spearmen, axes or bowmen with arrows- for the battle in order to invade new territories and win the epic war keeping in mind the different skills, weapons, shields and abilities that warriors and heroes in your clan wars!

Immerse yourself in this viking games and hero wars adventure: Cross the seas with ships to send your viking boat to explore and invade more lands, build an empire by recruiting the appropriate vikings and upgrading your god heroes. Lead them to victory in this epic war! Plan your clan war strategy and conquer the world in this viking adventure!

- Create magic orbs with your magician druids and collect them to make more troops and bigger ships
- Fill in your army boat with vikings before you start a fight
- Create and manage a vikings invaders clan with powerful heroes and ships and plan a strategy to win every war battle!
- Find interesting upgrades that you will be able to unlock while playing: A lot of surprises are waiting for you in this military exploration adventure!
- Time and dedication will help you to grow your viking village and remember: Your most important asset during the combat is your hero!
- Tap and tap to collect magic orbs and runes that will give you the power to create great warriors in your clan
- Level up your hero's rarity, skills and accessories to be victorious in this combat wars!
- Purchase different berserk warrior troop and weapons' upgrades!

The valkyries in Valhalla are expecting the gods fight in an epic battle... Become the honorable god that the viking kingdom deserves! The apocalypse warfare has started. Which side are you on?
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