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VoiceButton Plus
App Name VoiceButton Plus
Genre Auto-vehicles
Size 3MB
Version 3.0.85
Developer Hakunamatata
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By means of voice commands of VoiceButton it is possible to execute voice search of contacts offline, to call, dial number, to look for places on a map, to lay out routes, to open programs. The voice set of number through typeface bluetooth will be very useful driving the machine.
The application is able to sound incoming calls and automatically to turn on the speakerphone. Activation of the program by means of Bluetooth and wire headset is supported. In systems with the Android 4.1. above operation offline is supported.

The application can work in two modes:
Normal - the mode in which the program won't talk to you. In case of determination of contact with high accuracy the automatic set of number through time, given in settings, can be made. This mode can be used in the absence of typeface;
Driving - the mode in which the program will synthesize voice messages. This mode is useful when using typeface or when your hands are occupied.

The modes can switch automatically in case of connection and switch-off of headset. In each mode the personal settings set by you can be used.

It is possible to launch the program with the help bluetooth or wire headset.
Usually for start with Bluetooth of typeface it is necessary to click and hold the call key. For specification study the instruction on specific model. In certain cases start of the program from typeface doesn't work. The reason can be both in headset, and in phone.
For start from wire headset press and retain the typeface button. That start in case of lock worked activate point in settings.
For all commands it is possible to use aliases (words for automatic changeover).
The program uses the voice input and a speech synthesizer which is built in system.
For search of places and navigation by voice the program supports Google Maps.
Reserve saving and restoration of settings, the list of aliases is provided.

Detailed description of operation of some functions

Operation with contacts

For search of contact it is necessary to launch recognition of the program and after a sound signal to say the text for search.
Search of contact works by name, to number or its part, type, the name of the organization
Example: Bruce Simpson, Mark 911, Mother home, Andrew work.

For exact identification of contact it is possible to use an alias.
This function is available online also offline.

Operation with programs

For start of the program it is necessary to say the command "open application" + "a program name".
For example: open application gallery.
If to use an alias, it is possible to launch programs using simpler words. For example instead of "Open application gallery" it is possible to tell "show pictures" if of course you create such alias. Aliases can be used for opening of programs with difficult names. This function is available online also offline.

Operation with Google maps

For search of the next place it is necessary to say the “map” command + "name of a place or an address". If you set Google maps and the place is found, the program with a route spacer sentence will be launched. This function is available only online.

Current time

To learn the current time just tell the time command and the program will tell you it.
This function is available online also offline.

Call back

To call back according to the last number say a command "call back".

Important advantage of the program: a voice set of number without the Internet.

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