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Learn HTML - Pro
App Name Learn HTML - Pro
Genre Education
Size 2MB
Version 1.3.7
Developer Codeliber
Download APK (2MB)
Learn HTML with this offline and ad-free app.

This HTML tutorial will teach you the latest standards of HTML.

In every lesson there are explanations, examples with the Try It Yourself functionality that help you effectively learn HTML.

Learn HTML - Pro Features:
1. Detailed explanations to learn HTML.
2. Learn HTML with 130+ examples.
3. Try It Yourself with every example.
4. Code Playground/Editor with syntax highlighting and additional keyboard keys that allows you to open and save files from your local storage.
5. Quizzes. Challenge yourself with over 210+ quiz items.
6. You can share quiz results anywhere.
7. You can share your certificate anywhere.
8. Fully offline.
9. No ads.

HTML lessons included:
• HTML5 Introduction - Tags
• HTML Editors
• HTML Elements
• HTML Attributes
• HTML Comments
• HTML CSS Styles
• HTML Colors
• HTML Responsive
• HTML Centered
• HTML5 Basic Example
• HTML Headings
• HTML Paragraphs
• HTML Links
• HTML Line Break
• HTML Horizontal Rule
• HTML Text Formatting
• HTML Block-Level and Inline Elements
• HTML5 Sections
• HTML Images
• HTML Tables
• HTML Lists
• HTML Description Lists
• HTML JavaScript
• HTML Forms
• HTML Form Labels
• HTML5 Input Types
• HTML Textarea
• HTML Dropdown List
• HTML5 Form Elements Attributes
• HTML Buttons
• HTML Content Editable
• HTML Meta
• HTML Blockquote
• HTML Non-Breaking Space
• HTML Subscript Text
• HTML Superscript Text
• HTML Pre Element
• HTML Figures
• HTML Character Entities
• HTML Embed Audios
• HTML Embed Videos
• HTML Inline Frame Element
• HTML Youtube Videos
• HTML File Paths

Achieve 100% of Learning Progress to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Every lesson is followed by quizzes that improve your Learning Progress.

By the end of this course you will be able to design a web site.

What are you waiting for? Install and learn HTML now.
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