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SI-Droid Event
App Name SI-Droid Event
Genre Sports
Size 1MB
Version 1.6
Developer Johan Jacobsson
Download APK (1MB)
SI-Droid Event is an app that makes it possible to arrange simple orienteering events with SportIdent without having to bring a computer for the SICard readout. Just bring your mobile phone or tablet instead plus an SI Master and you are ready to readout the results from the runners cards.

The SI Master is connected directly to the device with an USB OTG (On the Go) cable that can be easily found in many electronic or mobile phone stores for less than €10. Here are some examples:
The app also has support for some serial-to-USB converters if you want to connect to an SI Master with a serial interface.

If you have a Bluetooth receipt printer available, you can also print the split times of the runners when they are being readout. From China/Ebay it is possible to buy a cheap printer for about €50.

NOTE: There also exist a Lite version of SI-Droid Event which has some limitations. Please start with installing that version to make sure that your device is capable of communicating with the SI Master. Most of the newer devices supports this but there can be exceptions. More information about which devices and printers that are supported can be found on the web site:

Features of SI-Droid Event
✓ Supports most SI Masters (BSM7 and BSM8) set to 'Read SI cards' mode. Normal/legacy mode, USB/serial connection, 4800/38400 baud.
✓ Can read all types of SICards
✓ Possibility to define courses (manually, from a card or through IOF XML import) and do code checking
✓ Has support for both normal courses and Score-O courses (Rogaining, free order, etc)
✓ Automatically assigns the runner during readout to the best matching course
✓ Automatically fetches the runners name and club from either the card, an own CSV file or from an SICard DB on the Internet (mostly Swedish runners)
✓ Calculates and presents the runners results per course
✓ Can print a runners split times to a Bluetooth receipt printer (only in Full version)
✓ Can share the results and split times as HTML, CSV or IOF XML v3.0 (e.g. for WinSplits)
✓ Has a built-in result service that can be used to show live results through any browser on same network
✓ Possibility to Backup and Restore the complete event to SD card (Restore not possible in Lite version)
✓ Can be configured to play any kind of sound during readout (runner OK, runner miss-punched or course not found)
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