Last Convoy - Tower Offense v1.0.4 MOD APK

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Last Convoy - Tower Offense
App Name Last Convoy - Tower Offense
Genre Strategy
Size 90MB
Version 1.0.4
Developer Cosmic Rim Games
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ATTENTION: Game is currently in the process of being reworked! Stay tuned for the 2.0 release!

Are you bored of the old tower defense games, free or not? Wish you could turn the tables around and fight against the towers once more? If that is the case, Last Convoy is the opposite of the tower defense games you have been searching and waiting for. Its time to stop with the defense games, its time to stop being the ones that defend the castle, let the opponent do that! Lets have some fun crushing towers!

What is Last Convoy?

Last Convoy is a free Reverse Tower Defense game, based on the old RTS tower-offense concept, where you take control of the attacking units in a bid to push through the line of towers defending the area. Use abilities to assist your units in pushing through the defensive lines composed out of towers that had turned their sights on your convoy. Scavange for left-over resource caches, discover new tech and unlock unit blueprints.

Upgrade your units to achieve an edge over your enemies. Manage which unit takes the lead and the brunt of the attacks. Which unit will you sacrifice to save another? Switch units between each other in the convoy on the fly. Sell units you no longer require and replace them with other units. Push through the enemy fortress and reach the end of the map. You are the horde!

Fight the towers on an alien world and discover the means to escape the planet. Command and conquer this alien world with the help of the units you take into battle with you.

- Tower Offense! Experience the opposite of a tower defense where you're the one attacking in this free game.
- Control your units and chose the paths they will take.
- Use scattered resources to upgrade your units and purchase new ones.
- 3 levels of upgrade for each of your unit.
- Deploy your units and destroy towers that stand in your path.
- Over 10 unique units with their own strenghts and weaknesses.
- Optimized to work on all devices. Change your graphical settings whenever you want.
- Play in two modes: Campaign and Challenges.

And more to come.
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