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BLUE REFLECTION SUN/燦 is a Others app released by Dmmgames, if you are looking to download the latest version of BLUE REFLECTION SUN/燦 APK, then you must come to Apkclues. In Apkclues, you can download and install BLUE REFLECTION SUN/燦 MOD APK for free, and Apkclues will continue to maintain and update. The following is a detailed introduction about BLUE REFLECTION SUN/燦 MOD APK v1.0.4.BLUE REFLECTION SUN/燦-0BLUE REFLECTION SUN/燦-1
BLUE REFLECTION SUN/燦 is a Others game developed by Dmmgames,

Mel Kishida x Koei Tecmo Games x DMM GAMES,
A heroic RPG where the hopes and feelings of girls fighting with the power gained from ash intersect in order to resist the "destruction of ash"!

It all started a year and a half ago.
On that day, "ash" suddenly began to fall on the world.
At first, human beings were optimistic about it, saying, "It's a little disgusting, but it's one of the natural phenomena."

However, he soon learns that the "ash" is a harmful substance that invades the human body.
Also, a strange creature "Testa" is born and attacks.

A special power was required to defeat the "Different Ash".
Its power is very rarely manifested by being attacked by ash.

Those who possessed it, those who knew of beings with that power called it this.

One day.
Shiho Kasuga transfers to Hinomori Academy for treatment of ash disease.
What awaits them there is the 'everyday life' where they fight endless battles with 'Ashes'.

Illustrator "Mel Kishida" and "Koei Tecmo Games Gust Brand", which has a good reputation for the Atelier series, bring you a youth ensemble drama woven by girls in a decadent and fantastic world!

・Story - an expressive story part
The main character (player) who came to "Izumo Town", a town where ash falls.
He rebuilds the unit, which is said to be "the weakest in history", and confronts the girls in a battle related to ash.

・Battle -battle with beautiful 3D graphics-
Lead your troops to victory with strategies based on skills and attribute attacks.
An easy-to-understand yet deep “turn-based command battle” is realized.

・Characters and Flag Cards - Girls' bodies and minds expressed on two axes
"Characters" that show various expressions and "flag cards" that represent memories.
"The strength of girls" is expressed with these two as the axis.
In addition, it is equipped with elements such as reinforcement by weapon creation.

・Communication - A new bullfing experience brought about by "San" -
Interact with the girls as the main character (player) and strengthen your "heart".
A special scenario where you can become intimate and liberated with the girls by nurturing through interaction.
"Kizuna" becomes stronger by repeating thoughts.

◆ Character
Shiho Kasuga (CV: Emiri Suyama)
Alecia Yu Morisaki (CV: Sayumi Suzushiro)
Omiki (CV: Hina Tachibana)
Yukiko Takaoka (CV: Iori Saeki)
Ayami Ikoma (CV: Eiko Oku)
Kanna Hoshitani (CV: Nene Hieda)
Nanaka Azumi (CV: Minami Tanaka)
Kirara Kuno (CV: Yuko Ohno)


EXNOA/Koei ​​Tecmo Games

Mel Kishida

Asano Hayato

Koei Tecmo Games Gust Brand

◆Operating environment
・Android OS 8.0 or later
・CPU Snapdragon 835 or higher
・RAM 4GB or more

*Even if you use a terminal that meets the operating environment, it may not work properly depending on the terminal performance and specifications, and the application usage status of the terminal itself.
*Please note that we will not be able to provide support or compensation if you use it outside of the operating environment.

What about the BLUE REFLECTION SUN/燦 Mod ?BLUE REFLECTION SUN/燦 is a modified MOD APK with additional features and ongoing upgrades.
How can I download the BLUE REFLECTION SUN/燦 Mod
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3. Check your device storage capacity.

4. You should uninstall the original version of the BLUE REFLECTION SUN/燦 app, the signature will conflict with the mod version.
5. You need to allow installation of unknown resources on your Android device.
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