Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game v3.0.28 MOD APK (Mod Version)

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Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game
App Name Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game
Genre Simulation
Size 46MB
Version 3.0.28
Developer Genius Inc
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Rating 4.7/5
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Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game is a Simulation app released by Genius Inc, if you are looking to download the latest version of Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game APK, then you must come to Apkclues. In Apkclues, you can download and install Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game MOD APK for free, and Apkclues will continue to maintain and update. The following is a detailed introduction about Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game MOD APK v3.0.28.Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game-0Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game-1
Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game is a Simulation game developed by Genius Inc,

Liam's route is finally here!
Discover the secret truth that was hidden in Merlin's route!


You live in a world where magic has become a part of everyday life. You were living a peaceful life with your family. But one day, your family is caught up in an attack by the terrorist magician organization, the Ravens of Dawn, leaving your parents dead. Lieutenant Liam, a rising star in the authorities, is on the case and promises to give you information as he looks into the case.

But later that night, you're attacked by a hooded assailant. Just when you think all is lost, another man comes to your rescue. He's followed by another, but you've seen his face before. He's none other than Merlin, the leader of the Ravens of Dawn. He easily deflects your attempts to avenge your parents and looks at you as you ask him why your parents had to die. "No, you couldn't be..." He knows your name.

How could Merlin know who you are? Who is this man that killed your parents?

The past and present collide as the truth about as the dark fate of the magicians and your own past becomes revealed.

What fate will you decide?



The leader of the terrorist organization, "Ravens of Dawn." A charismatic alpha, he commands the organization by himself. As a magician, he is a true genius that can use just about any spell other than the self-enhancing type. However, his true talent lies with fire magic. He is known as the "Crimson Despair" and his bangs cover a burn as well as his magic eye. His eye allows him unlock a foribidden spell to cast magic immediately. He believes that only evil can smite evil and deals with criminals that escape judgement. He cares for the people in his organization to the point that he is willing to forgive those that have betrayed them. But he shows no mercy for those that hurt innocents. He is a former colleague of Liam. He sits on the opposite spectrum from Liam and wishes to bring peace from the side of evil.

Merlin's right hand man and also his familiar. He's wry and a likes to do things his own way. However, he is very loyal towards Merlin and has sworn to be with him. All of this comes at the expense of his interest in others. This lacadaisical attitude makes him seem tame, but in combat, he unlocks his berserker potential to eliminate all that oppose him. He has dog-like ears and is part of a half-beast race that does not exist in the human realm. While he can only use self-enhancement magic, this increases his already unbelieveable speed and strength meaning that most will never know what hit them. According to his race's traditions, they choose one master to serve their life. Fay has chosen Merlin as his master.


A rising star in the Unified Constabulary, Liam is an intelligent and highly competent officer. As a magician, he is on par with Merlin but excels in ice magic. Shade, his superior, calls him the "Embodiment of Justice," but he is not a fan of this name and he demands his suboridinates not use that name. In his student days, he was known as the "Knight of the Silver Crest," another name he's not fond of. He rarely lets his emotions show and prefers to get things done in a business-like manner, but there is a burning passion deep down inside him that drives him.
He believes in change from the side of good, unlike Merlin who is the opposite of him.

Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game Mod Version FAQ
What about the Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game Mod ?Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Gameis a modified MOD APK with additional features and ongoing upgrades.
How can I download the Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game Mod
You can easily download the latest version of Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game from Apkclues.Visit https://www.apkclues.com and search for the APK name in the search bar. Select the desired APK and start downloading. The download process is free and you don't need to worry about extra charges.
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Is Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game Mod safe?
Apkclues is a well-known Android marketplace dedicated to providing users with trustworthy APKs. All Android apps and games available on Apkclues are rigorously scanned and tested. Any APK downloaded from Apkclues, it is completely safe.
Why cannot install the Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game mod?
1. Apkclues only provides applications for Android devices, and you must ensure that you have an Android device.

2. Check your device system, our apk needs to meet at least Android 5.0 +.

3. Check your device storage capacity.

4. You should uninstall the original version of the Dark Wizard:Romance Otome Game app, the signature will conflict with the mod version.

5. You need to allow installation of unknown resources on your Android device.
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