Freedom Apk Download Latest Version 1.8.4 For Android


Freedom Apk Download: Are you fond of playing games and using apps on your android phone? If yes, then you have come to the right place because here we are providing you all the details about the app which will help you to get all the features of your favorite game without paying any money for it. Freedom Apk is a must to have app for all android users. These apps and games have become part of our stressful life. It helps in relieving our stress and tensions of the entire day and helps us in diverting our mind for some time at least from our monotonous busy schedule.

Freedom Apk Download Latest Version For Android

Freedom Apk Download
Freedom Apk Download

Have you ever wondered that how the app and game developers make a profit out of these, especially when they provide these games and apps for free? The one way to earn the money is very obvious, the advertisements. Advertisements that pop up in between the games pay a handsome amount of money to the developer for that place. Another way to earn profits from these games and apps is to implement in-app purchases. For eg. You are playing your favorite game and to get the most powerful tool activated or to unlock a further level of games you need to pay some amount of money, and you are so addicted to that game or app that you end up purchasing those levels and powers by paying the mentioned amount. This is how profits are made out of these games. At times the price quoted for unlocking your favorite player or weapon is that much that you prefer not to buy it and get dishearten but here we have come up with a solution for everyone out there. With this amazing Freedom apk, you will get to unlock all your favorite players and tools without paying a single penny for the same.

Freedom Apk Latest Version Info

APP NAMEFreedom Apk
RequiredAndroid 2.2 +
App Size1.9 Mb
Last Updated19 March 2018

What is Freedom apk

Freedom is must have app for everyone using android phones especially for the ones who love to play games and are hardcore gamers. Freedom is like a hacking tool that not only helps to unlock certain features of the game but also helps you to get unlimited coins, lives, levels and everything which otherwise you can only get after paying the amount for it. By using Freedom apk you can use premium features of the apps or games for absolutely no price. However, Freedom apk is not available on google play store and hence you need to install apk file of this app to use this amazing app on your android phone. If you have not downloaded any apk file before, just don’t worry we are here to guide you through the entire process of download and installation of Freedom apk.

Before moving on to the installation process of Freedom apk, let’s have a look at some amazing features of this wonderful app.

  • With the help of Freedom apk, you can get coins, gems and other resourceful tools for your game absolutely free.
  • Not only it will help gamers but it will also help you to bypass the process of in-app purchase for almost all Android applications.
  • With the help of Freedom apk, you can get the complete version of the game without paying anything for it.
  • You need to have rooted device to be able to run Freedom apk without any glitches and faults.
  • Freedom apk keeps on upgrading its versions in order to support almost all apps of android system.
  • You can customize the apps and games according to your choice with the help of patches available with Freedom apk.
  • Freedom apk also helps you to get rid of the annoying advertisements that pop up in between your games.

We are sure that after knowing the applications and features of Freedom apk, you want to download this app as soon as possible to enjoy distinct features of your games and apps which otherwise you were not able to use.

Step by step process of installing Latest Freedom apk

Downloading apk file is really simple and convenient, you just need to follow the guidelines.

  • Open the Security setting
    First of all, open the security settings on your phone.
  • Enable unknown sources
    Once you have opened the security settings enable the unknown sources, which is disabled by default. ( The location of unknown sources may differ from phone to phone but generally, it is present in security settings only)

Freedom Apk Download

  • Download the Freedom apk
    After enabling the unknown sources, use the below-mentioned link to download the Freedom apk on your android system.
  • Open File Manager
    Once you have downloaded the Freedom apk on your android phone, go to the file manager of your system.
  • Locate Freedom apk
    In the file manager, go to the download folder specifically and locate Freedom apk.
Freedom Apk Download Latest
Freedom Apk Download Latest
  • Install Freedom apk
    Open the downloaded file, and it will ask your permission to install the file. Click the install button and start the installation process.

Download Freedom App For Android

Latest Freedom Apk Download
Latest Freedom Apk Download
  • Enjoy the app
    It will take few seconds for the file to install, once the file has been installed you can start enjoying the unique features of this app.

Now though you have installed the application on your android phone for your ease, we are providing the complete guide of how to use this app to make in-app purchases to unlock your favorite features and characters of your most loved game.

  • First of all to use the Freedom apk, open the app and it will ask your permission for rooting. Just allow the same by clicking grant or allow button.
  • After going through the rooting process you will be shown the list of pre-installed apps and games on your android phone.
  • Select the game or app on which you want to perform the operation i.e in which you want to make in-app purchases.
  • After selecting the app, do not hurry for anything and wait for few seconds.
  • Now once the selected app has been opened, visit the purchase store of that app or game.
  • Now make a purchase of whatever item you want to by clicking on the purchase or buy button, but trust us this purchase will not cost you anything.

What all you need to install Freedom apk?

To download and install Freedom apk on your android phone, you just need to have

  • Gingerbread version of Android
  • Rooted android system
  • 100 MB Free storage
  • 512 MB RAM

Some frequently asked questions about Freedom apk

  • Do we need to have rooted device only to use Freedom apk?
    Yes, apps like Freedom apk works best on rooted devices only.
  • Is it safe to install this app on the android phone?
    There are millions of users using this and by far there has been no complaint against the app.
  • Is this available for ios as well?
    No, by far this app is only available for Android users. ios require a lot of system updates that make it difficult for this application work in ios.
  • We have used this app but was not able to make a purchase?
    The Freedom apk does not guarantee you the in-app purchase for all apps and games, it may not work for some apps due to strict security and control features if that particular app.
  • When we download the file, the message pops up that this file may contain a virus?
    You need to worry about the same, such kind of message is displayed with almost all the files being downloaded in apk format, just ignore the warning and continue with the process of downloading.

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As the name suggests Freedom apk is a hacking tool that provides you freedom from paying price for in-app purchases. With the help of this app, you can unlock all premium features of the app without paying any money. However, Freedom apk may not work on some apps and games due to strict security features of that particular app or game. Also make sure that you have rooted device if you want to use this app, as it works best on those devices. Otherwise, this app is perfect for all gamers and nongamers. We would suggest all android users download this app today and start using it to enjoy its premium benefits. The games that you play on Android will never be the same again, in fact, they will be more interesting and will be full of adventure. Now next time if your friends boost his coins, gems and unique players of game you can make him feel weak on his knees by possessing all the paid features of games like subway surfer and temple run that too for absolutely free.


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