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Robot Wars
App Name Robot Wars
Genre Others
Size 41MB
Version 1
Developer Butterflyware Games
Download APK (41MB)
* Full 3d experience
* Great graphics
* Next gen expirience
* HD effects
* Maximum performance using mobile devices

The Robot Wars is the ultimate, space, 3rd person shooter.
The year is 2314.
Mankind is on the edge of new epoch, thanks to modern technology, mass intergalactic space traveling to near and far stars and planets is possible.
Robotics rises, huge power plants are build. They runs six big factories in Glory city, capital city of mankind homeland, where they experiments with new artificial intelligence.
One day, a small anomaly cause opening a mini wormhole full of ghosts hiding in shadows. People call it the Hellgate. They try to shut it down but for that, they must call to duty team of new elite combat robots, Blade Centurion-Citizen series 2. Made from the strongest steel.
They did it, wormhole is sealed, but this coincidence events has a dark side-effect, robots realize, that people cannot exist without them.
Major cop commander of humans ops, signed a contract with robot board.
They started to gather among us in clans. And eventualy, they started to force humans outside their homes, started mass destruction.
Alliance was break, Commander made a final decision: "It is our duty to fight this evil predators. Defence zone must be created, it will be final frontier."
This wild words triggers world war, humans vs machine.
In this final hour, entire nations had united to defence their home, strike this enemy, otherwise mankind will fall.
Now this Glory city is a battlefield.
The dark era rises, supremacy of steel killers, blood hunters assaults.
You are Mark Knight, former military infiltrator, specialist of hostile teritory.
You are send as a vanguard in Gunship Vanguard 3, to explore what is happening on key space base.
Earth trying to connect with orbit telecommunication base Nova 3 in the Pegasus galaxy without a zero effect for few weeks, so they sent you, to find out what is really happening.
All members of the base are probably dead. You have to remove any possible threats at any combat and cost.
Use any guns necessary. Good luck.
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