PaniPani -パラレルニクスパンドラナイト- v1.16.2 MOD APK (High Damage/God Mode)

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PaniPani -パラレルニクスパンドラナイト-
App Name PaniPani -パラレルニクスパンドラナイト-
Genre Role-playing
Size 60MB
Version 1.16.2
Developer Colopl Inc
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The new adventure of the journey!< br>
< br > The new sense 2D Action RPG appeared!< br>
< br > ■easy operation in the exhilarating battle■
< br > one finger in the field to run around, and touch is one brilliant combo attack!< br>make the world's,game this game may require Internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply.< br>
< br > ■and 1000% new sense skill system■
< br > and I will be strong! Character and such as to grow
things to try,new skills and try to win!< br>
< br > ■the "camel slug", a camel equipped with a Vulcan cannon also awaits woven story■,
operable 12 people in addition to stories that decorate the unique weapons are at your disposal to help lead the Allied forces to victory.< br>somewhere you're familiar with,for the first time walk the world of the earth to stage to be drawn to the epic story.< br>you are an important person to protect,the world of truth in just about every genre you can think of.< br>
< br > ■up to 4 people in co■
< br > everyone playing more fun! And I'm glad!< br>communication is the progress of a chat and a stamp, such as enhancement!< br>encouraging cooperation with colleagues as a formidable enemy, can't go wrong with it!< br>
< br > sounds simple enough, right?
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