Craft and battle: idle knight v0.2.7 MOD APK

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Craft and battle: idle knight
App Name Craft and battle: idle knight
Genre Roleplaying
Size 68MB
Version 0.2.7
Developer Multicast Games
Download APK (68MB)
Craft and Battle: idle knight – it's offline Idle RPG Clicker is a fantasy roleplaying game with both action and offline idle RPG game elements. The monster-filled world of incremental action RPG Craft and Battle is full of fun and dangerous dungeons. Download now for free and play that an idle RPG game.

Idle with heroes in nonstop adventures. Craft your gear to fight with monsters for epic loot, test your skills and survive hordes of enemies. Build a town to upgrade your sword and armor. Tackle the offline idle RPG adventure while your hero grind monsters and loots even while you're taking a break. Play actively whenever you like, also when you don't have an internet connection. It's an absolutely offline game. Play this amazing RPG offline and become an idle knight!

Craft and Battle – free offline idle RPG game!
Craft and Battle, the idle RPG is fun and simple because you can play with just one thumb. Become the wild tamer of monsters by proving your button-smashing skills.
How to play?
1) Control your knight to gather resources.
2) Build a base to craft the best gear and upgrade abilities.
3) Kill monsters to get gold and level up.

Features of Craft and Battle - Idle RPG:
- Smash enemies, beat monsters, earn gold, and loot with your idle knight!
- Level up and upgrade your idle knight to battle better in this action offline RPG!
- Build your base to craft the best sword, armor, and others.
- Discover new abilities for your hero to unleash epic action skills in battle. Your idle RPG experience will never be better!
- Idle stress-free offline gameplay - ideal idle RPG for chilling.
- No Internet connection is required. If you like games without wifi - one of the best offline action RPG out there! Pick and be a real offline clicker hero!
- Swipe, click, tap and fight monsters for epic loot in this idle RPG!
- Incremental fun, incremental RPG, your incremental knight awaits!
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