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Stickman Giant Hero Crime City
App Name Stickman Giant Hero Crime City
Genre Strategy
Size 93MB
Version 3.1.3
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Stickman incredible monster game is presenting 20 prison escape game interesting missions to their fans. There are lots of crazy and tough missions to carry out stickman incredible monster from jailbreak game because stickman incredible monster has been involved in so many bad crimes like assaulting a police officer and whistling at a girl in a public place so you have to be a stickman incredible monster and you have to break the jail and escape from the central jail of prison escape game. Currently stickman incredible monster commits a bad sin in hero prison escape and he is behind jail bars dont let him die and help stickman incredible monster to get rid of as soon as possible of the jailbreak game. The main mission of the jail break game is to ask other prisoners for help and escape from the hero prison jailbreak game.

Break the city prison and escape as Stickman Incredible monster in the prison escape game. Ditch the cops and enjoy the prison rampage of stickman incredible monster with the NY police of prison escape game. Fight against the stickman police force and jail break successfully of prison escape games Play Stickman Incredible Monster Hero Prison Escape games mission with your ability and you will enjoy the whole story of prison escape game.

Stickman Incredible monster hero is arrested by the stickman police officer and our main stickman player is in a crime city jail of prison escape game there are immense fighting between the stickman police and the main stickman incredible monster in the stickman hero prison escape game. Win superhero prison escape game title by completing all jailbreak missions of survival jail break game. Get the incredible monster out of stickman prisoner to save superhero from detention of NY police of grand jail prison escape games.

Smash the other incredible police monsters and make a survival plan to get the map of the prisoner cell of prison escape game. When you get a prison escape map you will be lucky to get out of jail but you should have to complete all the missions of the jailbreak prison escape game.

Stickman Incredible Monster: Hero Prison Escape Features
Stickman Incredible Monster prison escape mission.
Multiple Jail and City Modes to enjoy the game both as jail prisoner & Stick Incredible Monster.
Different stickman monstrous superhero characters in the stickman prison escape game.
Funny stickman animations in jail break games.
Realistic jail environment in the prison escape game.
Enter into the classic stickman central escape jail break games to practically perform the tough and interesting task of the prison escape plan of Stickman Incredible Monster Hero Prison Escape Game. Help us to rate Stickman Incredible Monster: Hero Prison Escape and give reviews about prison escape games so that we will modernize this new game of impossible jail break games in future updates...
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