KingRoot Apk Download Latest Version 5.3.5 For Android


KingRoot Apk is considered to be amongst the famous and frequently used application by all genres of the population. Though it is one amazing applications with many user-friendly graphics, the “one click root” feature that has been specifically accompanied by it, makes it the preferable choice. It is a simple application that has been designed in order to facilitate all those having the Android phones to root with just a single click. It not only supports the Android operating system, but, is also compatible with Windows. Therefore, whether you are using Android phones or PC, downloading KingRoot APK is the best option to root your devices in an effective manner. However, as far as mobiles are concerned, KingRoot Apk does support the Android devices only. So, it is recommendable not to install it in case you are using phones based other than the Android operating system.

KingRoot Apk Download Latest Version

KingRoot Apk Download
KingRoot Apk Download

Millions of users throughout the world are using the KingRoot in a much satisfactory manner. This is the premium reason this app has been considered as one of the best one-click root application. Rooting comes with a bit of technical background and it is not necessary that everyone is educated about this process. Therefore, this application has been designed in such a simple manner that using it does not really need any sort of expertise or even the smallest of information regarding rooting. One is expected to install any of the root explorers along with the superSU in order to have a perfect blend of rooting software. Once the installation has been successfully completed, you will need to visit the KingRoot download page for installing the application on your handset from the listed ones. Here is a complete guide how to Download Latest KingRoot Apk.

Other information about KingRoot Apk:

Below is the general information about the KingRoot that might be useful for you to ensure the authenticity of the downloaded file:

RequiredAndroid 2.2 +
App Size12.6 MB
Last Updated24 Feb 2018

What’s Android Rooting?

Since rooting is a very common term, you must have heard this a lot many times earlier. However, only hearing the term will not get you any types of associated benefits and hence you will be required to understand the real meaning of the term. Rooting is basically a term that has been specifically designed by the majority, in order to explore the maximum functionality of Android as an operating system. You can even have this application modified as per your requirement to make it perform in a much efficient manner. Once, you have successfully rooted your mobile, it becomes easier to even execute a score of spirits.
Now the question that arises in our mind is, what the term “Rooting” basically refers to. So, here is the simple answer, it is basically the process to unzip your phone from variously associated boundaries. And hence, in Android, by rooting your device, you can easily unzip your operating system over all the limitations with which your mobile phone has been manufactured. By allowing this, similar to windows, the operating system will be more flexible enriched with much-enhanced features. For example, there are a lot many applications that can be downloaded and installed in windows, and after getting your mobile phone successfully rooted, you will be able to install a variety of applications as per your convenience that will boost up the real potential of your Android phone.

Features of KingRoot Apk Latest Version

KingRoot Apk is considered to be one of the best rooting tools that is being highly recommendable by various Android experts. It is an application that has been specifically designed to stand alone by its awesome services and has been enriched with an assortment of outstanding features. Though there are a lot many features, we will be elaborating few of the best features below that makes it an amazing application throughout the world.

  • Backing up of Android data: Taking a back up of your Android data is considered to be a tough task and there has been no tool that performs it efficiently. However, just to overcome this problem, “KingRoot” has been specially enabled to an entire back up of your Android data like media to DropBox, Google Drive etc.
  • Enhanced Speed: There are numerous application that runs in the background that we are enabled to stop. These running applications along with various bloatware are those that consume the maximum speed of your Android phone. However, by rooting your device via kingRoot Apk, you will be installing only the required application and nothing else. Thus, it is definitely going to speed up your mobile phone functionality.
  • Better battery life: The battery life of any handset is considered to be a crucial aspect and hence, everyone tries to enhance it to the maximum. Though rooting does ensure that your handset should be having an enhanced battery life, but by installing KingRoot Apk, you will even have the option to customize the same in order to rescue the battery wherever possible.
  • Blocking up the Advertisements: This is considered to be among few of the amazing features that make this KingRoot Apk a preferable choice over others. As of now, there has been not a single application that is being designed to block advertisements on your Android based handset. There are many of the applications as well as websites owned by market leaders like Google and Facebook that will stop making any profits if these advertisements are being blocked. However, in the KingRoot Apk, tweaks are having no limitations and you can easily block the unwanted advertisements that keep bothering you by popping up again and again.
  • Bloatware restricted: A score of unnecessary applications are being installed by the mobile manufacturers on their Android-based handsets. These unwanted applications are categorized as the bloatware that you are unable to delete and runs in the background. Since the number of such application is large, they surely does hamper the speed as well as storage of your mobile phone. However, with the use of KingRoot apk, you can easily get rid of these bloatware and delete them.
  • Simple Installation: Installing this application is not at all a big deal. It appears to be very much simple as one could have ever expected. One will just need to download the APK file and modify few of the security settings. Once the download has been completed successfully, you will be required to install the App and you are all set to proceed.

Downloading the Latest Version KingRoot Apk

As mentioned earlier, KingRoot Apk supports the Android-based devices only. Therefore, you will be required to install the latest version of KingRoot via APK file only. The major drawback that is being associated with KingRoot is that you will not be able to locate the same in the Google Play Store. And the reason behind is that it breaks few of the guidelines from Google’s community. So, you will be required to download and install the same outside on Google play. Or you may download it from the below as well.

Rooting your phone is a risky decision, as it might be possible that your phone might get affected by the virus. However, KingRoot does ensure the entire safety as well as the security of your mobile phone.

Below we will elaborate the simple steps to install the KingRoot Apk latest version for Android and KingRoot for PC below.

KingRoot Apk Latest installation process for Android

Once you have successfully downloaded the latest version of KingRoot Application from the link mentioned below:
You will need to follow the instructions mentioned below to give a quick start to your KingRoot:

  • Once the APK file has been completed downloaded, click on it to start with the process of installation.
  • Please do not worry in case you have received a pop-up error message ‘Installation blocked’ or ‘Installation failed’ from Google. It is recommended to stop the installation process by pressing the cancel button.
  • In such case, you will need to modify your mobile setting, go to Menu>>Security settings. Enable the option ‘Allow installation of apps from unknown sources’ to all the installation of an application from an unknown source. After enabling, you are allowed to install Android APK files.
  • Now, search for the “Kingroot.apk” in downloads and click on it to install with the installation process. Have patience until the KingRoot gets successfully installed.
KingRoot Apk Install
KingRoot Apk Install
KingRoot Apk Installing
KingRoot Apk Installing

KingRoot Apk Open

KingRoot Apk Download
KingRoot Apk Download
KingRoot Apk Download Latest Version
KingRoot Apk Download Latest Version

Benefits of rooting your handset via KingRoot Apk

Below are few of the associated benefits that you can take advantage of by rooting your device by KingRoot Apk.

  • Enhance the Speed of your mobile phone by up to 30%.
  • You can even install the hack apps as well as the root apps, even though they are not there on Google Play Store.
  • Provides an option to tweak the operating system by writing the custom code.
  • Once the device has been successfully rooted, you can easily delete the default Android applications.
  • You can even convert your handset as an efficient Wifi router.
  • Those frustrating Advertisements pop-ups can be easily blocked once your phone has been successfully rooted.
  • All these amazing features are just one click away via one click root. So, what are you waiting for? Get up and download the KingRoot today!

Using KingRoot Apk with Android

Once the installation has been completed successfully, click on the respective icon to open KingRoot Apk. Now press the button ‘Purify Now’ to initiate the rooting process via KingRoot automatically. Root status of your handset can also be checked with the help of Root Checker applications that can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store.


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