How and when to reset network settings on Android

2022-10-31 10:58:11

We often tend to think that full mobile formatting is the best way to end software-related problems. And it's not true. Sometimes it is enough to turn it off and on and, in the case of problems with the connections, it is best to reset the network settings.

In this post we will see how to proceed to reset this type of adjustments, although it is not always ideal. And, while it is true that it fixes some problems, they are not all. Therefore, we will tell you before what this action implies and even what you can do if after resetting these values you continue to experience problems.

Common bugs that are fixed by resetting network settings

Android Connections

As we said, resetting these settings is a first step to solve some problems without having to factory reset the device. However, it is only related to connection problems, so it makes no sense to restore them to any problem other than one of these.

Therefore, we will tell you that it will only serve to fix problems with WiFi, Mobile Data and / or Bluetooth. In the same way, it can also help you with problems related to a VPN connection and even punctually with problems making calls.

By resetting

this type of connections, all configuration data is deleted, so if the failure lay in a corrupt file or a faulty failure in the process of connecting them, resetting it will solve it completely. Although, as we will see in the last section of this post, it is not always infallible.

Steps to follow to reset these settings

Resetting Settings

Before proceeding to restart the mobile, you should be aware that you will then have to reconfigure all your connections. Among other things, this means that you will have to re-enter the WiFi password again and connect to Bluetooth accessories again. And, when you reset the settings, all this saved information is deleted from the mobile.

Regarding whether or not it is necessary to make a backup or not, a priori we would say no, since it does not imply the same as completely formatting the device and you will keep the rest of the settings and information. It is true that it can be tedious to reconfigure everything again, but it does not seem optimal that in case it does not fix the problems you reload the complete backup just for it.

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That said, the procedure to reset these settings is very simple, although it may vary depending on the mobile you have, since not all layers of Android customization are located in the same section. Therefore, it is best to open the mobile settings and, using the search engine at the top, write "reset network settings".

Reset Network Settings

Once you access the erasure panel and confirm the action, you will be asked to authenticate with the security code or fingerprint. In addition, in some mobiles this action involves restarting the device, something that the device usually does automatically. The total time that this reset will take is just a few seconds.

What if this hasn't solved your problems?

Even having failures related to connections, resetting them may not have helped you solve it. And this is not an infallible method if the origin of the problem is not in any configuration. Therefore, you should review other factors that are usually causes of the problem.

If the problems are related to the Internet connection, it could be due to the router in the case of WiFi or the SIM in the case of mobile data. There may even be a breakdown in your area and it is not even your problem, so contacting your operator can be key to finding the solution.

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Similarly, you should not rule out that it may be something related to the hardware of the mobile and even the devices to which you connect it if it is Bluetooth that gives you problems. For the latter it is interesting that you try to connect to other computers with Bluetooth to see if you experience problems with them. And if you suspect the hardware of the mobile, you will have no choice but to go to the service