Don't let Android Auto choose for you: so you can force its dark mode

2022-10-31 10:57:40

Want your car screen to look dark when using Android Auto? By default, the system should apply light or dark mode depending on whether it is day or night (or you go through a tunnel), but you can force the screen to make the map interface as close to black as possible. Here's how.

Google does not offer an excessive variety of settings on the car screen when Android Auto is in use, most options are adjusted from the connected Android phone. Even forbidden settings are available that can only be activated with ROOT; such as the Coolwalk interface under development or the Chromecast integrated into the vehicle. Luckily, there are "more mundane" options that are accessed with a simple process. Dark mode is among them.

Prevents Android Auto from toggling to clear mode automatically

Android Auto Dark Mode
Up, light interface; down, dark mode

As we said, the screen of the vehicle adapts by itself to the environment through which the car circulates. What is it during the day? The clear mode dominates the interface. What is it done at night or do you drive through a tunnel? Night mode jumps to Android Auto. This automatic way of working is useful most of the time, but you may like the dark aspect better. It is even possible that your car does not detect the lighting correctly: forcing the mode ensures that the screen will remain with the same color settings.

Android Auto is not the only one in cars: Google has three more alternatives for vehicles
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Android Auto is not the only one in cars: Google has three more alternatives for vehicles

Android Auto's dark mode makes viewing less tiring, decreases the contrast between all interface elements, and offers a design that is enhanced by the use of dark tones. It's usually a matter of taste: Android Auto doesn't change operation just by forcing dark mode or keeping shades light. Yes, it should consume somewhat less energy; Expense that, on the other hand, is ridiculous compared to everything the car consumes.

Let's see what are the steps to force dark mode on Android Auto.

  • Connect your phone to your car, either wired or with Android Auto wireless (if your vehicle is compatible).
  • Access Android Auto "Settings" on your car screen.
Android Auto Dark Mode
  • Scroll down to "Night/Day Mode for Maps".
Android Auto Dark Mode
  • By default you will have the automatic adjustment. Select "Nocturne" to force night mode.
Android Auto Dark Mode
  • Alternatively, you can achieve the same effect from your mobile settings. Access Android Auto settings on mobile and select "Night" from the "Night/Day mode for maps" menu. The effect is the same.
Android Auto Dark ModeAndroid Auto Dark Mode

The night mode of Android Auto will be applied to the cartography of Google Maps and Waze, also to the rest of navigation applications that are compatible with this functionality of Android Auto. The interface of the car is already black, just like that of most apps available on the console.