Screen Recording on Android TV: How to Record Everything Happening on Your TV

2022-10-31 10:58:11

Do you want to record everything that happens on your TV screen without having to buy separate hardware? Well, if you have Android TV it is possible to make these recordings, always with some effort: it is not something that Google has foreseen, nor are there applications designed specifically for Android TV that are capable of recording the screen.

Taking a screenshot or directly recording this screen is very common in any mobile or tablet, not in vain we do it daily many times. On Android TV it is also possible to capture what happens on the screen, more or less easily; Quite the opposite of what happens if you try to record it. Fortunately, we have found two methods that make this possible.

Android TV is not ready to record screen

Android TV

Here's something you should keep in mind: Google's operating system for TVs doesn't plan to record what it projects on the panel. Even so, there are ways to achieve the goal, not in vain is still an "ordinary" Android. There are even brands that include their own application to record the screen, as is the case of the Nvidia Shield TV.

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Android TV Special: These are the best apps you can download

Most likely, your Android TV does not have a native way to record the screen. To achieve this, we have two methods: making use of Android applications and through adb. Both processes are somewhat convoluted and involve some complexity, we already warn you. Also, you should keep in mind that they will not record protected content: just like on mobile, content from apps like Netflix cannot be recorded.

Screen recording will not record content that certain applications protect against recording. This happens in apps like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+...

Record your Android TV screen with apps

Record Android Tv Screen
Screen Recording with AZ Screen Recorder

You might think it's the simplest, but not so simple: you'll have to fight with APK files since the only generic way to record your screen on Android TV is by making use of "normal" Android applications, apps that aren't ready to be used on a TV.

Let's see how to perform the process. Maybe you need a mouse connected to your Android TV, you should have it handy just in case.

  • You need a screen recording app. We have chosen AZ Screen Recorder, you can download the APK from APK Mirror.
  • Another must-have APK is the one that forces the horizontal screen mode. As the recording app is mobile, by default it records the video vertically; which spoils both ends of the screen: Android TV works only horizontally. To force the landscape we will use Control screen rotation, you have the APK in APK Mirror.
  • You need to move the APKs to Android TV: here are three ways to install these files, choose the one you prefer.
  • Finally, you'll need two Android TV apps: File TV Commander, to install the APKs, and Sideload Launcher, to launch unsupported apps on your TV. Install them from Google Play.
  • Install the APKs on your Android TV, go to Sideload Launcher and open Control screen rotation.
  • Cancel the permission he asks for, it is not necessary to give it to him.
Record Android TV screen
  • Move to "Select screen rotation", tap and choose "landscape".
  • Exit Control screen rotation and open AZ Screen Recorder from Sideload Launcher.
  • Accept the storage permissions and click on the record icon (you may need the mouse). You will already be recording the screen of your Android TV.
Record Android TV screen
  • Do whatever you want on your Android TV and return to AZ Screen Recorder when you're done.
  • Tap the record icon again and it will stop being saved in the storage of your Android TV.

To access the recorded videos you need a file explorer. We recommend File TV Commander: it is the best performer. Access the videos folder and play them from there. Or share them using File TV Commander tools.

Record your Android TV screen via adb

Record Android TV screen
Screen recording from adb on macOS

If the above was relatively cumbersome, fighting with adb can overcome it. Of course, you will not need applications on your Android TV since wireless communication comes pre-installed. Yes you need a computer and install adb on it. We give you the way to get it.

How to connect an Android mobile to the computer with adb
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How to connect an Android mobile to the computer with adb

Once you have adb on your computer the adventure begins, let's see how to make screen recordings on ru Android TV wirelessly.

  • Open the settings of your Android TV and go to the "Networks and Internet" options.
  • Enter the menu of the WiFi to which the TV is connected and write down the IP address.
Record Android TV screen
  • Open a terminal window on your computer and type "adb connect ip-address:5555". Without the quotation marks and changing "ip-address" for the numbers that appear on your WiFi. Squeeze the intro.
  • You will see that a message appears on the TV to accept the incoming connection. Accepts.
  • Now it's time to send the command to the TV to start recording. Type "adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/video.mp4" (if you have a Mac or Linux you have to write ./ in front of each adb statement). Pressing enter will start recording without any change on the TV.
  • Do whatever you want on your Android TV: the screen will be recorded using adb.
  • When you have finished doing what you wanted to record, go back to your computer terminal and press control+c. The recording will stop by saving itself to the root of the storage, on your Android TV.
  • Install File TV Commander, a browser to access files. Enter the internal storage, there is the screen recording done.
  • Check that the process works well before recording what you need: make sure your Android TV records as it should. You can then move the files by sharing them with File TV Commander.

The two methods are equally valid and should record audio and video (they will not always record both, it all depends on your Android TV). Remember: protected content cannot be recorded. If you try you will see that the recording is black (Android protects this content for the rights d