Why charging the mobile up to 100% battery is not the most advisable

2022-10-31 10:58:11

In the past, we were not so concerned about the autonomy of a mobile phone. We also didn't care how or how long it took to load. However, the fact that smartphones increasingly consume more resources and we know more technical aspects of their batteries, have made us become aware of the most recommended charging habits. Maintaining good battery health is important.

And charging the mobile up to 100%, whether coming from 0% or any other higher percentage, is not always recommended. We anticipate you since nothing will happen to do it sporadically, but we do warn you that battery health could be negatively affected if this is a constant. In this post, we tell you the reasons.

Taking longer to consume the charge cycles will make the useful life longer

Let's start with the key question to understand all this, what is a battery cycle or charge cycle? A charge cycle occurs when a mobile is fully charged from 0 to 100%. It is understood that each mobile has a certain number of cycles in its battery and, exceeded that number of cycles, the battery could already be considered obsolete.

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And it is not that the charging cycle is bad on its own, since in the end it is an indicator. The negative comes from what happens on a physical level in the batteries while they are recharged, having the movement and accumulation of electrons as the main agents of the deterioration of the batteries. That is why the lithium batteries of mobile phones will always wear out, since this is their nature. And the more wear and tear they suffer, the less autonomy they will offer.

And even knowing that it is impossible to use a mobile without consuming charge cycles, it does not mean that we can not do something to stop that degradation. If instead of consuming a full charge cycle at once we make it be consumed in different charges, we will be making the battery end up extending its useful life.

Do not let the mobile fall below 20% and charge it only up to 80% helps slow down the consumption of load cycles, having to perform several loads so that a whole one is consumed.
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And how is this done? Well, fundamentally, making it take longer to consume a full charge cycle. Hence, it is best to keep the battery between 20 and 80%. You may occasionally read that the appropriate is between 40-80% and even 40-60%, but several studies and manufacturers have ended up standardizing the aforementioned range of 20-80%.

In addition, it is from 80% when the load is more sensitive and hence in most mobiles there is a slower charge. Without going any further, manufacturers such as OnePlus or Apple offer charging options that from that 80% limit the charge and only recharge it when, through artificial intelligence, they detect that it is necessary to reach 100%.

Keeping the mobile up to 20% and removing it from the charger when it reaches 80% also means that we are not consuming a full charge cycle, but a part of it. Specifically, 60%, having to make at least one and a half charges for that cycle to be consumed.

Charging habits should not be taken to extremes, since charging the mobile up to 100% does not imply seriousness in the short term.

Without sounding contradictory, since the recommendation is still not to let the battery run out and not to charge it up to 100%, we must tell you that nothing happens to charge it up to 100% sporadically. If you plan a day of intensive use, you will be away from home or face any other situation that involves having the maximum possible autonomy, you can charge the mobile up to 100% and even let it run out.

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We insist, neither reaching 100% charge nor waiting for it to turn off due to lack of battery are good habits and involve consuming a full charge cycle and, consequently, the life of the battery will be shortened. Although it is evident that in specific cases nothing happens, since you will not notice the effect excessively if you do it very sporadically.

As an additional tip and conclusion to this post, say that keeping track of the charge cycles is also highly recommended to know at all times the status of the battery. There are applications on Google Play that allow you to obtain clear information about it, such as Ampere, AccuBattery or Charge Cycle Battery S