All the ways that exist to verify a WhatsApp account on a new mobile

2022-10-31 10:57:51

WhatsApp accounts are linked to a phone number and before you can start using it on a new mobile you need to verify that that phone number belongs to you. WhatsApp gives you several options to do so and no, verifying with an email is not one of these options.

WhatsApp needs to know that the phone number you have used when registering belongs to you, and for that it will ask you for a code. Now, there are several ways to activate that code and we summarize all of them in this post.

The code that arrives by SMS


The classic way to verify the phone number when using WhatsApp is to enter in the registration form the code that is sent to you in an SMS. It's a six-digit numeric code in total, which you need to type in by hand right after entering your phone number into the app, when setting up a new account.

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The process is as simple as waiting for the SMS to arrive and taking note of the digits that appear after WhatsApp Code. You must then write them in the box that says Enter the 6-digit code, not including the hyphen.

The link that arrives by SMS


If you do not feel like memorizing or writing any number, you can also tap on the link that arrives in the SMS, and that begins with, followed by the six digits that make up the verification code.

This link opens in the WhatsApp application and basically what it does is fill in the code for you, as long as you are registering WhatsApp on the same mobile that has received the code (which is normal).

With a phone call

Call me

If for whatever reason you do not receive the SMS with the numeric code, you can also request that the verification be carried out with a phone call. This option is not initially available until some time has passed since the SMS was sent and no code has yet been entered.

When available, you can tap on Call Me and in a few seconds you'll receive a call, sometimes with an international prefix.) In it a robot is limited to dictate the numerical code several times, so you can enter it in the form.

Automatic verification per call


The latest verification method still doesn't seem to be active for everyone, although we know about it thanks to WaBetaInfo and it's kind of a mix of all the above. It is an automatic verification through a call, with the advantage that it is not necessary to pick up the phone or listen to the code that is told to you.

Instead, WhatsApp takes as a reference the phone number that makes the call. If the last digits of that number coincide with those expected, WhatsApp gives the account for verified without having to write anything or answer the call. We just have to give permissions to WhatsApp to make calls and access the h