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SCP 049 Plague Doctor: Horror Game
App Name SCP 049 Plague Doctor: Horror Game
Genre Action
Size 94MB
Version 1.0.1
Developer Housegamedev
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Rating 3.2/5
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SCP 049 Plague Doctor: Horror Game is a Action game developed by Housegamedev,

The plague doctor, known as SCP 049, escaped from the lab during experiments. He is very aggressive and intends to take revenge on all employees. You need to escape from the lab in time to avoid being caught, but it's not that easy!

If you were able to escape from the lab, it does not mean that you were saved. All the doors are closed and you had to go down to the subway. It's dark and very scary.

About the monster: a Humanoid, about 190 cm tall, who looks like a medieval plague doctor. It sets itself the task of healing humanity from the "Great plague", the nature of which is clear only to itself. In practice, this means that touching a person is fatal. He performs operations on the corpse, and it later begins to come to life.

Special conditions of detention: Held in a standard reinforced holding cell. Before any attempt to transport SCP-049, the object should be treated with sedatives. During transport, j must be kept in a reinforced system of class 3 humanoid restraints (with a collar and extension restraints), under the constant supervision of at least two armed guards.
As a rule, SCP-049 contacts most of the Foundation's employees. Despite this, any sudden changes in behavior should be suppressed by force. During such changes, employees should use all available means to avoid direct contact with the object.

The metro location is very large, and if you are lucky, you may encounter scp 6789, scp 3008. But it's better that this doesn't happen..

At first glance, it seems that SCP-049 is wearing a thick hoodie and a ceramic mask that are typical of this profession, but these items of clothing seem to have gradually grown out of the monster's body and are currently indistinguishable from what they may hide under them. However, x-rays show that SCP-049 has a human-like skeleton beneath this outer layer.

Plague Doctor was discovered during the investigation of several cases of missing people in the surrounding area. During the RAID, several copies of SCP-049-2 were found in one of the private houses, as well as SCP-049 itself.

Scp 049 plague doctor game is in an active stage of further development, please leave us your suggestions and feedback. All your wishes will be heard and possibly taken into account!

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