SMS Bomber Apk Download Latest Version 2.25 For Android


SMS Bomber Apk Download: With the use of the internet, we install a number of apps to be in touch with the group of friends or our loved ones. Other than regular apps there are certain apps which are actually fun to download. One among them is SMS Bomber APK App. This is there for android phone which helps you to send a number of messages to a number just with one single click. Your number is not displayed and an anonymous message which is not rude or vulgar is sent to a number you have entered.

In the present scenario, the advancement of technology is taking place at a great place. The role of the internet has increased in our lives and for our every small deed, we are dependent on different apps. Our life is actually revolving around this world which has resulted in making us more tech freaks. The old conventional method of doing work has been replaced by the new ones driven by the technology.

A number of things can be held responsible for this, but the major credit for this goes to the smartphones. Gone are the days when mobile was just a source to call. It has a number of features nowadays which actually makes people glued to it. From the educational purpose to the entertainment or work processing, everything revolves around this internet zone which is great to the user and has made lives easy.

SMS Bomber Apk Download Latest Version

sms bomber apk
SMS Bomber Apk Download

Talking about the utility of smartphones, they are capable of accessing the internet which is the most attractive feature. Whether you opt for a high ended costly phone or a low priced one, nowadays all the smartphones have access to the internet. Gone are the days when SMS was a part of our life as with development there are certain apps which helps us to stay connected with people and that too free of cost. Like for SMS, we don’t have to pay money to message people if we do via these apps.

This app is loved by youngsters who want to tease their friends or do some pranks. It is actually used by people for a friendly zone and all intentions while making this app were constructive ones.

You can also do the prank with your friends on the internet. So, Download SMS Bomber Apk Update for Android is free, if you are using the old version of this and enjoy its benefits free of cost. But one thing that you must have to remember in your mind is that this apk works only from 12 AM – 5 AM. It was made to show fraudsters & spammers the real meaning of messing with a real xd and more than 4.5 lakh numbers are bombed & 1.3 lakh numbers are protected since the launch of this app. And for your help, we are providing the important details of SMS Bomber Apk Latest Download for Android.

What is this SMS Bomber Apk all about?

SMS Bomber Apk was developed by Udit Karode. This app is certainly used to bomb anyone’s phone with a number of messages. There are a number of apps for this purpose but this one is considered the most suited one. This app is free of cost. You just need to download it and enjoy the services offered by it. This application actually helps you to send a number of spam messages in bulk to a mobile number of your choice.
It is actually a single message which is sent multiple times to a number you have selected. The working of this app, in the beginning, was not possible between 12 am to 5 am. Even for the numbers which are protected ones you cannot send a message as they are under covered zone. No data is collected in this app which makes it safe to use and it is a total anonymous app. You need to have Android 2.2 + to make use of it. This app is strictly not advisable for illegal means or people who want to take revenge on someone.

SMS Bomber Apk 2.25 Details

App Size4.0 MB
RequiredAndroid 2.2 +
Last Updated6 Feb 2018

Features of SMS Bomber Apk Download Latest for Android

  • This SMS Bomber Apk is fully safe and secure for its users.
  • Send the messages in less than a second and this is free of cost.
  • There is no delay and message will instantly deliver.
  • No need to sign up for using this apk and it also works on 2G internet connection.
  • This also works in DND (Do Not Disturb) activated number.
  • For blog readers, it is complete.
  • Works with all mobile operators in India.
  • No annoying ads
  • Usable while multi-tasking
  • No need to pay any charges for using this Apk
  • Easy to use because of its friendly nature
  • Bomb messages instantly
  • Safe & secured app
  • Works on 2g network mode
  • Less data usage

The latest version of SMS Bomber APK

First of all for getting the latest version of SMS Bomber APK you need to have Android 2.2+. This version is 1.80 which provides you with a great number of features. To install this app search on your android phone SMS Bomber Apk and then download it. Before downloading check its compatibility with your phone. When you are ok with the compatible zone then move further and make sure that unknown sources in the security setting of your mobile are on. After installing the SMS Bomber App click on the launch button on your phone and then start with the process of usage.
When you go for the downloading of the upgraded version you will find a number of new features added to it. Now you can not only do SMS Bombing, but can also do call bomber for miss calls, bomber for SMS bombs, unlimited SMS bomber for sending unstoppable messages, international SMS bomber for bombing any of the foreign number and a custom sender to send a custom text message to any person anonymously. What you need to do is just choose the option which you want to execute and fill the mobile number of the victim or the person you want to prank with.
After filling click on the start process option and then wait for the bombing process to be executed. Thus with a single click, your bombing process will begin. When you want to end this bombing click on the stop process button and it will further be stopped.

What’s New in SMS Bomber Apk Latest Download for Android

Added new APIs and removed old APIs that were not working.

  • Fix Call Bomber.
  • Server Changed to a faster one.
  • App Optimised for more speed
  • Minor Bugs Fixed.



Version 2.21

More Carriers added for U.S.A. Bombing
App Optimised for more speed

Version 2.20

Dead Api Removed
7 More API Added

Version 2.19

More Api Added
Permanent Protect list added
Some Major Crashes fixed for Android O

Version 2.18

Much Awaited Custom Bomber Added
Permanent Protect list added will enabled soon
Some more Api to keep bomber running

Version 2.17

U.S.A Bomber Added
Server Changed to a faster one
Fixed 1 hour sleep issue

Version 2.17

U.S.A Bomber Added
Server Changed to a faster one
Fixed 1 hour sleep issue

Version 2.15

Limit Increased to 150
6 more api added
One step closer to stability

Version 2.1

Most Crashes Fixed
Not working API Removed
New API Added
OKHTTP upgraded

Version 2.05

Crashes Fixed on 100 count

Version 2.0 Beta

Protect List Fixed
Email Bomber Added
Email Protect Added
Tweaks added to Save Memory
Layout Optimized

Steps to Install SMS Bomber Apk Latest Download for Android

Here we have some following steps to install SMS Bomber Apk for android

  • At First, Open Settings on your Android Phone.
  • Now go to Security Option.
  • You will click on “Install from Unknown Source” Option.
sms bomber apk latest
SMS Bomber Apk Latest Download
  • From using your favorite file manager, open the apk file.
SMS Bomber Apk Latest
SMS Bomber Apk Latest
  • Click on the Install Button to Install SMS Bomber Apk on Your Android.
Latest SMS Bomber 2017
Latest SMS Bomber 2017
  • Now the System is Installing SMS Bomber Apk.
  • At last, your SMS Bomber App Will be Successfully Installed on android.

Finally, you have installed the app and can use it. Fill the number you want to start with and then start the process.

Process for using the SMS Bomber Apk :

  • First of all, you have to enter a mobile number there in which you want to prank.
Download SMS Bomber Apk
Download SMS Bomber Apk
  • And enter the number without the country code.
SMS Bomber 2018
SMS Bomber 2018
  • Now click on the send button and your friend will start receiving your messages.
SMS Bomber Apk Android
SMS Bomber Apk Android
  • After the Process, messages successfully Delivered and you will see that count of messages will be sent to your friends.
SMS Bombing Android App
SMS Bombing Android App
Text Bomb App Free
Text Bomb App Free

Why there was a need for this latest version?

This latest version was developed to fix up technical bugs and add more features such as Call Bomber It has also removed old API’s which were not working. Even a paid customer sender and another bomber option are added which makes this app a more people-friendly one. If you were a user of the old version of the app you would probably be able to send around 50 to 100 message and nothing more but with this latest version you can send a number of messages plus do call bombing on varied numbers. The app even has international zone added which makes it all the more enjoyable. Even the messages which you can send through this app can be customized to some extent which makes it great and a better one for the usage. This recent version even allows midnight tweaks which is a great option for the people.

What makes this App a special one?

The SMS Bomber Apk is a must-have app for the people who want to do multitasking. It makes it convenient for them. This app is free of cost because all its money is collected from the advertisements so you don’t need to pay any charges for enjoying the fun associated with it. It is used for bombing messages instantly with a single click. It is a user-friendly app as there are no annoying malware or pop up ads in this app, so people can use it conveniently. It is safe and can be used by people who use 2g. Even the people who want to consume less data, this app is quite a fruitful one. The real aim of this app is to send bulk messages without informing the person about the real sender as your number is not visible. Even your personal data is safe and is not saved by the app.

A special feature of protection

This SMS Bomber Apk offers a special feature of protection to its customers. Some people might worry about getting bombed after bombing several people. This app provides an option of safeguarding yourself from bombing. There is an option which you can choose to protect yourself from the spam. You just need to submit your number and get rid of spam. So it provides you protection as well.
This app was actually not started with an intention of irritating people but was made to teach the real spammers a lesson by irritating them. The people who overuse this app for hurting someone can face severe consequences as well. This app is also made to protect the people from spam and quite a great number of people have registered their numbers to stay protected from this spam.

Future Update

According to the source, the latest update will be there anytime soon but the features of it are not publicized anywhere. No idea about further development is stated yet. For the people who want to know about the latest update bookmark the app and you will be notified accordingly.

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Thus to conclude we can say that the latest version of SMS Bomber Apk has added more fun and friendliness for its user. This app was started with a gist to provide security to people who are getting spammed and teach the spammers a message by sending them a number of messages. It has already achieved the aim of protecting people as lakhs of people have registered their number in the protection list of spamming. So this SMS Bomber app is quite a useful one and at the same time a fun zone app. It is strictly advised that people should not use this app for any irrelevant or illegal means as the future consequences which you can face from another site could be serious. The app is not responsible for it. Moreover, it focuses on fun aspects so don’t use it for revenge.


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