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App Name Unturned
Genre Adventure
Size 377MB
Version 3.3.6
Developer Keyneed Games

Unturned -3.3.6 - Unlimited money,Invincible

Mod Info: Black screen flashback is normal, please restart the game and try to enter Note: This version is compatible with Android 9 and below systems, and there may be unforeseen bugs. For Android 10 and above systems, please download Unchanger 3.0 Sinicization (built-in map version). The game is in the beta stage. In order to optimize your testing experience, the developer provides you with a developer function menu in the game: 1. Invincible characters 2. Not hungry 3. Not thirsty 4. No infection 5. Unlimited stamina 6, 10 times damage Note: Due to official reasons, some models of mobile phones cannot enter the single-player mode temporarily the double-open space has accelerated the game, and you can choose the multiplayer mode to play the game Cheat command: /Day (change game time to day) /night (change game time to night) /time (Adjust the game time according to the value, 0 is sunrise, 2000 is about to sunset) /experience (player id) [quantity] (give player experience, if the server needs to play the player id, single player does not need it) /give (item id/[amount]) (give the player an item with id x) /vehicle (vehicle id) (gives the player a vehicle) /animal (animal id) (Refresh the animal with id x near the player) /airdrop (call an airdrop, you can call infinitely, the airdrop location is the default airdrop point location on each map) /Reputation (player id[amount]) (gives player reputation, can be given as a negative number) /teleport (player id or map town name abbreviation) [Teleport to the player or town on the map] /teleport wp (teleport to the marker with the right mouse button on the map) /Weather None (set to sunny) /Weather Storm (set to rain) /Weather Blizzard (set to snow) 该应用由用户上传,虫虫仅提供存储空间服务,若涉及侵权,请联系客服,我们将第一时间进行处理 联系邮箱:[email protected]
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